Maine (ly) by Woods


It was this May in the afternoon and was drizzling by then. The morning downpour finally decided to unwind. I could not get wait to get off the car and started to walk down the pathways of the Acadia National Park, Maine. Precisely speaking, at this point, the ocean was less visible and there were more trees. This forest-between-the-road led to the Otter cliff. The trees screeched around me. Trees that were not just green, but some had fascinating hues of russet and white.Image

The greens popped fresh after rains complementing the rich, bright russet.


Not just colors, but there was more to it. The shape of the trees effortlessly ignited vivid imagination.



Be it density of trees, or a simple solitary log, they were indeed mesmerizing.



The Pine Tree State sure offers unique geographical features, but I was specifically smitten by the pine cones, ferns, greens, wildflowers, and rich hues.


Far from responsibility, I was lost in the woods of Maine.


A New Lesson

I am well-known for being talkative and maintaining a very active social life since  my school days.While in school,I was an active participant in school socials,fests,competitions,etc.I enjoyed end moment studies and loved to keep awake the night before examinations.Another add on to this were those end number of occasions in our joint family that filled the entire house with noise,music,food and lots of fun. Growing up, therefore, was fun.My house was the place to be,whether  for seniors or juniors.

Growing up in a metropolitan city has its own advantages.Mainly for those who love friends and family,good restaurants,festivals,parties,shopping,etc.I am one of those metro civilians who loves city life.In fact,when i used to work,I luckily found my workplace another social hub.Perhaps I am too proud of the noise,busy roads,population of a metro city and totally love that.Whenever a vacation was planned,I ensured that was in another metro city (so technically I lived in one city and was always looking forward to move to another similar city), or crowded beaches.Despite many requests i tried to avoid or decline quite a few trips planned in calm and less noisy,less polluted places.

Few months post wedding, I had to give up my job and we (I and my husband) had to move abroad for his job purposes.We moved to a beautiful city that happens to be one of the best places to live.We breathe the freshest possible air,watch the starry (and pollution-free) sky.It is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to live and grow up in a healthy environment.

Initially I was missing the noisy streets,my job,my busy life and my family.Moreover,the place is calm and serene and that made me feel very lonely and sad at times.I enjoy cooking but was doing that half-heartedly.I was upset at times.Everyday in my prayers, I asked God for more patience,so that I can be myself and ease off in the new environment.

We had an aunt (as guest for a fortnight) in our appartment here.One evening,I promised to take her out in a nearby lake for a  stroll.For our extended company,one of our present neighbours( who is also a good friend now) joined us.While taking a stroll by the lakeshore,for the very first time, i sensed proper tranquility.I never thought I could feel this way.The lake breeze touched my face and I dipped my feet in water whilst seated by the lakeside and watching those sunrays gushing mildly out of those bright clouds and making the water shimmer and play wih the embedded pebbles.That was a divine feeling.I felt God’s presence with me once again and that paved my way towards happiness.Someone like me who always avoided quite and noisy places,thinking I wont ever like a place like that,found that peaceful now.Thats the new lesson I learnt.

I realized the truth in Jamie Polinetti’s words,

“Limitations live only in our minds.But if we use our imaginations,our possibilities become limitless.”