What I do not even attempt asking her is “How are you today?”

Just like everyone else, I too love sunny days sans few that gives me occasional heat rashes. And there are other seasons too. We know of cold winters, and that it rains during monsoon, etc. Well that is how mother nature has endowed each season with. But irrespective of seasons or occasions, we all, usually, are good or fine, when asked “how are you?”

It is a social courtesy to greet someone and ask how they are doing, especially if the meet is occasional. That is what everyone does. I know someone I happen to meet on and off at certain social jamborees over quite some years now. This someone has been my subject of observation, unknowingly at first, and then with all focus. She has this special and identical tone (for years) while answering the question how are you today?” 

Following are her list of answers –

“I am not too good. Well you can see that its humid and I am sweating just way too much. Lets hope for a better and bearable summer next year.”


“Yes I am kind of okay. It is just that the damp monsoon just doesn’t seem to get over. It was difficult but I had to make it today.”


“Oh yeah I am ….kind of trying to cope up with the harsh and depressing winter. So not much happening these days.”

And I wonder whether-

She expects a cold summer, a hot winter or a drought? Does season needs to be customized?

All I know is that I have not ever taken a single attempt asking her “how are you?”