Do I know you?

Greetings Everyone!

Trying to figure out where you just dropped by?

Who am I? Why am I here? What do I write? What made me name my blog?

As for myself, I am the privileged first born to the best and amazingly doting parents ever.

I am an avid reader and strongly advocate perpetual learning. I love traveling and grab the chance whenever possible. Knowing new people from different walks of life and culture has always fascinated me . When I am home and not reading, you will possibly find me engrossed in music or experimenting with food.

Oh and did I mention my love for summer? Certainly because thats when I can go on bike trails, diving, roller coasters, thus showing off Β the crazy streak in me :-). And above all, I am an incurably free spirit πŸ™‚

Life is a mixed bag and so is my blog, through which I learn and share simultaneously.

I firmly believe Β God is always with me and that with his blessings, I luckilyΒ live a life larger than it actually is, hence the name. I wish to explore the unexplored ways to a good read, life and happiness.

So ….





29 thoughts on “Do I know you?

  1. You are an amazing person with a very beautiful soul.. Stay happy and stay the way you are πŸ™‚

    I have always wanted to blog, but always had something to pull me back; you will be my motivation now it seems.. boudi!

    • Thank You so much for your inspiration!!! I am sure if I am ever taken aback…I am going to look into this comment of yours for motivation…and MORE IMPORTANTLY,I would want you to take some time out of your busy schedule and begin blogging..that way you can spend some time with yourself and explore yourself everyday…am sure you will feel nice!!! take care and have a lovely week ahead!!!

  2. I think 1 0r 2 or even 1000’s of blogs wont have enough space to describe the amount of talent and knowledge u have about life and nobody can know better how to take care of there loved one”s ,Also you are really a homemaker πŸ™‚ >>>>>>always be happy and continue blogging

  3. Nice way to be with oneself… good going Stefi!

    Continue to lead the parade by example BORO BOU.. your children are there to follow…


  4. I think your gratefulness for the blessings you have is a key to your happiness. I like the uplifting feel you have here in your blog – nice work! Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could have the opportunity to read yours πŸ™‚

    • That is such a great great compliment Janna. I am honored. Thank you for all your time to stop by my blog.All smiles.


  5. The name of your blog made me come to this page. Lovely blog and lovely name. It was like reading about myself. A reader, a writer, a homemaker. Definitely following your blog. The sketches add an edge to it. kind of cute. Keep up the good work.

  6. Every day comes with surprises. Some not the best and others – a surprise that makes us smile with happiness. Finding a blog like this is like a new and wonderful friend. You are so very welcome in my life. Cheers, Virginia

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