Wrapping Up 2020

The much touted 2020 is in the books, and it’s been one of a kind. This New Year’s Eve is different, and a quiet one for most of us. So, I decided to sit back and contemplate. The onset of a New Year, and 2020 marking another new decade was much awaited with new hopes, beginnings, learning, travel, you name it. Little did anyone anticipate that most of the resolutions, travel plans and social life shall get parked for the rest of the year. Yes, we all took raincheck for almost everything. As the year proceeded I shifted my focus into things I have loved forever but couldn’t dedicate much time to like more reading, more music, trying to learn a new language, going on a nature walk to name few. But hang on, there’s more. I decided to explore no equipment workouts and yoga. That sure gave me the opportunity to brag about my small victories with the yoga poses, those not being my forte until now. Halfway down the year I got requested by two good friends across the country to be a virtual music and language coach. I had gotten busy shaking hands with more meaningful time. I continued to carve time out for my friends and dear ones, checking in on them, sharing laughter over virtual hangouts. And here I am, wrapping a year up with a heart full of gratitude, and hope. Together across the globe, we have learnt and adapted so much this year. We have evolved. Let’s get more laughter, empathy, peace, love and hope trending this New Year.