Tales Under the Stars



No matter how frequently or seldom one travels, it never ceases to amaze me how exciting and memorable that could get. It creates an opportunity to learn and observe with eyes wide open. The consequential travel anecdotes concocted thereafter, are always memorable. One such memorable experience of mine was at Grand Teton National Park and another one at Mac Donald Observatory. Back from exploring the beauty of Grand Teton’s mountains and lakes, I was sitting right outside my rustic log cabin shortly after dinner, gazing at the ethereally beautiful night sky, full of stars. That moment was magical.

Years later, a visit to the Mac Donald Observatory brought back the opportunity to look at stars using telescopes. I remember gazing three of them at once. Amongst them, the guide informed, the ones close to each other were Mizar A and Mizar B and the distant third one was Alcor. The brightest star viewed with naked eye, pointed another guide, was Blue Star. Magic moment relived.

I often catch myself smiling at the slightest flash of these beautiful moments. They bring joy, excitement, the quest to know more, and most importantly, memories. Beautiful memories of bedtime stories, stories at the dinner table, stories narrated at  terrace under the stars. Gradually, those stories from my remembrance became the nook of respite. The narrators who were grandparents, parents and aunts always had all the time in the world to spin a yarn of anecdotes for all the children. Not just stories, but some could actually talk about the pattern of stars and the ways to observe them. Sometimes, when siblings got together counting stars, the older ones always took pride when they outnumbered the others.

Grandparents often told us about their parents being stars in the sky and that they were always looking out for us. Light years seemed not-so-distant when great grandparents were stars.

The very thought of those insouciant days creates a corner of respite in my mind. Days before television broadcasted reality shows, dramas and sitcoms incessantly, before gadgets took everyone over in it’s clutches, those were the days when yarns of tales seamlessly started spinning under the stars.

Don’t we all cherish those tales till date?


14 thoughts on “Tales Under the Stars

  1. My overnight sleep in the terrace with my cousins during summer vacation is a memorable experience. The happiness that gave is not equivalent to the modern day gadgets, life has become more mechanical less emotional and its unfortunate. Love your expressions through this blog.

  2. Wonderful post, and beautiful writing! Those sound like amazing memories of stargazing.. And in retrospect, I’m so happy that I had a childhood free of social media and internet when kids still knew the feeling of boredom and long summer days. I’m trying to reconnect with those feelings again now as an adult by really being conscious of how much screentime I’m getting daily.

  3. You have taken star gazing into another realm. I live in the country and are fortunate to be able to star gaze to our hearts content. The local library in our little village of Ladner, BC has available telescopes to take home. All you need is your library card and the joys of the heaven await you. Living so close to the ocean and the mountains we can get a lot of cloudy rainy days. Tonight the sky will be cloudless. I will look up and think of you. Cheers Virginia

    • Wow! Telescopes in library and the very thought of having the privilege to watch the night sky with library card is so very exciting. I will be the happiest person whenever you think of me while star gazing. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to write to me. Means a lot 🙂


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