Maine (ly) by Woods


It was this May in the afternoon and was drizzling by then. The morning downpour finally decided to unwind. I could not get wait to get off the car and started to walk down the pathways of the Acadia National Park, Maine. Precisely speaking, at this point, the ocean was less visible and there were more trees. This forest-between-the-road led to the Otter cliff. The trees screeched around me. Trees that were not just green, but some had fascinating hues of russet and white.Image

The greens popped fresh after rains complementing the rich, bright russet.


Not just colors, but there was more to it. The shape of the trees effortlessly ignited vivid imagination.



Be it density of trees, or a simple solitary log,Β they were indeed mesmerizing.



The Pine Tree State sure offers unique geographical features, but I was specifically smitten by the pine cones, ferns, greens, wildflowers, and rich hues.


Far from responsibility, I was lost in the woods of Maine.


9 thoughts on “Maine (ly) by Woods

  1. Mother nature was so kind to us, look at that! Beautiful shots!
    First time checking your blog out, I liked it! Found you with the person above πŸ™‚
    I’ll try to keep up now
    — Thay

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