Note From A Little Heart


My neighborhood is quite happening with diner and potluck plans (with/without any occasion)on, thus turning any day into a halcyon day. I am an active participant but not really a planner. While others plan, and if I am not reading, I prefer playing with my  two 5 year old playmates -R’n’B (that is how I address them with the first alphabet of their first names). We play air hockey, watch Tom and Jerry or Transformers, Oscar’s Oasis and so on together. We also love running around the lawn playing picnic and fishing games. I was hosting this farewell dinner for R and family, two days before their moving out. Lots of cooking, chat, and eating went on. I could not really play that day as I was busy preparing diner. R was getting kind of bored until he discovered some stationeries and got occupied scribbling. The party went on, amidst which, I went on to pull out some soda cans from my refrigerator. Something was unusual and my eyes ran carefully through the fridge magnets trying to figure out the difference.  And there it was. I found a stick note on my fridge that read,” I love you but bye.” I knew I was going to miss one of my playmates-R and kept uttering that on and off. But he never uttered until that day. A flow of emotions ran as I was waving them good-bye two days later. And everyday since then, the stick note reminds me how much I am loved.


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