Strawberry Smoothie

At times,I feel like creating something by myself .Last Friday,I wanted to do something with the dessert.I needed an inspiration and fortunately my husband did it.He wanted to have some kind of strawberry dessert.I had a deadline to prepare that as we had to get-set-go for Video Chat with my family.Here is what I created.I am also adding my click of the smoothie.Have a lovely week ahead.


1)Fresh Strawberries (1 pound)

2)Domino Sugar (to taste)

3)Milk (8 tsp)

4)Vanilla Essence (3-4 drops)

5)Low Fat Yogurt Β (Cream can be used instead but I watch the calorie count occasionally)

6)Crumbled cookie (of own choice)…I used Chips Ahoy


1)Slice the strawberries and paste them in a food processor.I preferred strawberries with its goodness and roughage and hence did not that want a liquid state.

2) Add sugar and milk,vanilla essence with the strawberries and spin the processor for another 30 seconds until frothy.

3)Take that off in a dessert glass (or a glass of own choice which is available).

4)Garnish with Yogurt.Refrigerate for about 30-40 mins before serving(depending on how cold you want that).

5)Just before serving,top up with the crumbled cookies for that crunch and add lots of love to for that extra taste and smoothness.

NOTE : Do not top up with the crumbled cookie before refrigerating as that would turn the cookies soggy.Image


15 thoughts on “Strawberry Smoothie

    • Hi!!! thanks for the compliment! I must let you know that i found your post about low carb diet very useful.You did explain everything with such fundamental details (such as reduced glycogen results in dehydration).I did not have an idea about these before reading your blog…shall look for more.Happy blogging!!


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