Jumbled !!!

Everyone certainly agrees when I say there is nothing like a peaceful and sound sleep. I did enjoy such uninterrupted long hours of sleep,especially during the weekends until I found my first job. And when I look back into my golden days of school and college, I really wish life was always the same.Those days had everything that one could ask for sans worries. They were the days bundled with careless fun.The word boring did not exist in my dictionary.

We were in our final year of graduation. On a hot Friday afternoon during the summer vacation that year, my evening kick started at my best friend Sue’s . We spent the next few hours laughing and talking about not-so-meaningful and not-so-intellectual stuff  but  that made us happy. For instance, our discussion began with the visits to the zoo and how we hated the crocodiles and avoided the reptiles and amphibians area in the zoo. The discussion went haywire and finally ended about the irritating mosquito bites during our trip to a certain hill-station the previous summer. After a long chat, we decided to hop in to Someplace Else the same evening, to listen to Hip-Pocket (one of our favorite music band). We swayed to the tunes whilst sipping cranberry juice. For dinner, we moved to Mocambo (a well known restaurant), ordered sizzlers and Chicken A-la-Kiev (a signature Russian delicacy) and eventually wrapped the dinner with Baked Alaska. On our way back,we planned jogging by the nearby lake shore the next morning and burn calories that was accumulated at Mocambo and Someplace Else. I was home at around 10:30 pm that night.Back home, I was busy rushing through the fiction (that I recently started reading).It was roughly 11pm then. My sister was ready to doze off (as she was an early riser and was already late by then). While wishing her good night, I also mentioned about our plans to jog next morning and told her to join us.  She immediately agreed and I told her to wake me up (as I was a famous late riser). After some time  (I had no idea when), there was this TRING-TRING  on my cell phone. It was Sue again. She was asking if we could go to Someplace Else to hear Saturday Night Blues (the after 10pm musical band performance). I hurriedly got ready. After the event, we walked down to The Deli for its mouth-watering blueberry cheesecake. As I was just about to grab my first bite, a mosquito bit my thumb. I got this itching bump in a jiffy and consequently, dropped the cheesecake. Avenged by the mosquito’s audacity, we decided to stalk the insect. Stuck by the stubbornness of getting hold of the mosquito, we actually stalked it towards the lake shore.  Look at the audacity of the tiny insect that made us burn calories after it. Amidst all these, I suddenly realized Sue crying to get rescued. My attention was immediately diverted away from the mosquito and I looked back, only to catch a glimpse of Sue, who was then getting swallowed by a crocodile that was hidden somewhere on the shore. Alas! I could do nothing to save her. I was seeking assistance from the Area Wildlife Officer, who got the croc-hunters and they eventually had the croc spit my friend out. Along with my friend came a splash of water on my face.

I was clueless about whatsoever was going on. It was my sister complaining how her morning was wasted. She was angry and said she spared no means to wake me up. She switched off the air-conditioner first and then the ceiling fan, turned on the television, took away my pillow, and when nothing worked, she was left with no choice but splash water on my face. But it was 10 am by then. Up next, we all were seated across the dining table and I, after smelling the hot coffee, was wide awake narrating the entire music-mosquito-crocodile episode.  The episode in my dream, and that was nothing but a complete hotch-potch of  all my activities, discussions and imaginations. Hearing all these, my mother suggested that I drink lots of coconut water and eat less in the restaurants to cool off my system. Saturday morning was an explosion of  discussions and laughter at the breakfast table. It was only my sister who still had a long face as I escaped everyone’s scolding even after being a late riser 🙂

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this!!!




A New Lesson

I am well-known for being talkative and maintaining a very active social life since  my school days.While in school,I was an active participant in school socials,fests,competitions,etc.I enjoyed end moment studies and loved to keep awake the night before examinations.Another add on to this were those end number of occasions in our joint family that filled the entire house with noise,music,food and lots of fun. Growing up, therefore, was fun.My house was the place to be,whether  for seniors or juniors.

Growing up in a metropolitan city has its own advantages.Mainly for those who love friends and family,good restaurants,festivals,parties,shopping,etc.I am one of those metro civilians who loves city life.In fact,when i used to work,I luckily found my workplace another social hub.Perhaps I am too proud of the noise,busy roads,population of a metro city and totally love that.Whenever a vacation was planned,I ensured that was in another metro city (so technically I lived in one city and was always looking forward to move to another similar city), or crowded beaches.Despite many requests i tried to avoid or decline quite a few trips planned in calm and less noisy,less polluted places.

Few months post wedding, I had to give up my job and we (I and my husband) had to move abroad for his job purposes.We moved to a beautiful city that happens to be one of the best places to live.We breathe the freshest possible air,watch the starry (and pollution-free) sky.It is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to live and grow up in a healthy environment.

Initially I was missing the noisy streets,my job,my busy life and my family.Moreover,the place is calm and serene and that made me feel very lonely and sad at times.I enjoy cooking but was doing that half-heartedly.I was upset at times.Everyday in my prayers, I asked God for more patience,so that I can be myself and ease off in the new environment.

We had an aunt (as guest for a fortnight) in our appartment here.One evening,I promised to take her out in a nearby lake for a  stroll.For our extended company,one of our present neighbours( who is also a good friend now) joined us.While taking a stroll by the lakeshore,for the very first time, i sensed proper tranquility.I never thought I could feel this way.The lake breeze touched my face and I dipped my feet in water whilst seated by the lakeside and watching those sunrays gushing mildly out of those bright clouds and making the water shimmer and play wih the embedded pebbles.That was a divine feeling.I felt God’s presence with me once again and that paved my way towards happiness.Someone like me who always avoided quite and noisy places,thinking I wont ever like a place like that,found that peaceful now.Thats the new lesson I learnt.

I realized the truth in Jamie Polinetti’s words,

“Limitations live only in our minds.But if we use our imaginations,our possibilities become limitless.”


Strawberry Smoothie

At times,I feel like creating something by myself .Last Friday,I wanted to do something with the dessert.I needed an inspiration and fortunately my husband did it.He wanted to have some kind of strawberry dessert.I had a deadline to prepare that as we had to get-set-go for Video Chat with my family.Here is what I created.I am also adding my click of the smoothie.Have a lovely week ahead.


1)Fresh Strawberries (1 pound)

2)Domino Sugar (to taste)

3)Milk (8 tsp)

4)Vanilla Essence (3-4 drops)

5)Low Fat Yogurt  (Cream can be used instead but I watch the calorie count occasionally)

6)Crumbled cookie (of own choice)…I used Chips Ahoy


1)Slice the strawberries and paste them in a food processor.I preferred strawberries with its goodness and roughage and hence did not that want a liquid state.

2) Add sugar and milk,vanilla essence with the strawberries and spin the processor for another 30 seconds until frothy.

3)Take that off in a dessert glass (or a glass of own choice which is available).

4)Garnish with Yogurt.Refrigerate for about 30-40 mins before serving(depending on how cold you want that).

5)Just before serving,top up with the crumbled cookies for that crunch and add lots of love to for that extra taste and smoothness.

NOTE : Do not top up with the crumbled cookie before refrigerating as that would turn the cookies soggy.Image